Does my brand/ logo/ packaging match positively with the product that I offer?
Does it promote the purchase?
Is it easy to remember?
Is it adequate for my products?


Get useful and relevant information about your brand/ logo and packaging.


Improve and boost the most important aspects of your brand/logo/packaging for the customer, which motivates the purchase.


• Group dynamics. Group dynamics are based on meetings of 6 or 8 people with a specific profile, where they debate about a topic or they solve a problem during a limited period of time (from 60 to 90 minutes) in an empathetic atmosphere. In this context, the views of the participants are enriched and nourished from each other getting in-depth information enhanced by mutual contributions and reflections. The meeting is moderated by an expert in moderating groups.

Qualitative research allows the exploration of social relationships and description of the reality as experienced by the consumers in order to find as many qualities as possible observing the individual and their relationship to the object of investigation. The customer can monitor the process in situ staying in an adjoining room with a spy mirror or closed-circuit television or via video streaming, which makes it easier to observe the technique on site with no need to travel.

• Hall Test brand/logo/name: 30 interviews. Technique where a brand/logo/name of a product or its prototype is presented to a group of consumers to know their opinion using a questionnaire.

The goal is to know the views and attitudes of the users and it will allow us to generalize their conclusions to the rest of the market.

All the techniques are complementary or supplementary depending on the design of each particular project. Combination of different methodologies during the research will enrich the information obtained: in the quantitative stage the ideas and trends identified during the previous qualitative phase are measured and quantified.

Amount spent in market research that will allow your company to achieve the short/ medium term profit derived from knowing first hand your market of operation and, therefore, to speed up your project success