We help our clients to make effective decisions by providing them with the most relevant quantitative information in each step of the decision-making process.

Contact us if you want invest in bitcoin up. We have a multicultural and multidisciplinary team of economists, statisticians, econometricians, mathematicians, psychologists and sociologists with vast experience in the data collection, analysis, dissemination and use.

Our human capital allows us to have our own statistical consultancy, data analysis and data collection departments.

Our relationship with each client adapts to their needs and features, and can take several forms:

Developing from within our organization the services of data collection, analysis and interpretation, followed up with our client in order for them to be able to use or disseminate data.

Providing our clients with our analysis and decision-making skills via outsourcing, and acting like an in-house department, on a regular basis or on the spot.

• Commitment. We see our clients as partners with whom we share common goals.

• Adaptation to the features, preferences and field of each client. We design a tailor-made Market Intelligence solution to fit each situation.

• Innovation. Our consultants are members of excellent teams of scientific research. This allows us to be constantly up to date, and to provide our clients with the most innovative tools for Market Intelligence generation.

• Business Sense. We understand that any method for generating Market Intelligence is not more than a means with a final purpose of assisting our clients in the design, implementation and monitoring of effective business strategies.

• Multiculturalism and diversity.

• Creativity and versatility when designing the most suitable Market Intelligence solution for each client. 

• Experience. Within ERATEMA each project is supervised by a partner or senior consultant with vast experience in similar projects.

In Eratema we have facilities of more than 500 m² ideal for your meetings, group dynamics and interviews.

The rooms are equipped with closed circuit and a large mirror spy for direct monitoring or through audiovisual recording.

Also at your disposal refrigerators, freezers , microwaves, coffee makers and all kinds of utensils for the realization of the test product.

We also offer:

• Simultaneous translation.
• Questionnaire uptake.
• Recruitment.
• Moderation by qualified and experienced psychologists.
• Group/costumer room for rent.
• DVD and audio recording (copy hard disk security)
• Transcript of records.
• Focus Vision / Video Streaming.
• Multipoint videoconference.

Corporate ethical leadership, n societies like ours, is mandatory for shaping the type of globalization that we want in order to achieve sustainable economic, social and environmental development.

ERATEMA as an organization complying with ethical behaviour criteria, has implemented a series of corporate social responsibility and environmental responsibility policies outlined as follows:

· Flexible working hours in order to allow for task sharing within the couple.
· Reduced working hours.
· Leaves of absence.

· Working from home and/or at the office.

· Baby gifts, wedding gifts, etc.
· Trips and other incentives
· Team building activities: meals, excursions, special celebrations…
· Special leaves for personal reasons
· Leaves for family illness or personal issues

· Smoking cessation therapy.
· Annual training programme.

· Discounts in different services managed or partly subsidized by the company (gyms, nursery schools, travel agencies, English classes.

· Energy saving.
· Paper recycling.
· Use of non-polluting heating.