Many of our customers prefer to carry out their research and market intelligence projects internally and using their own resources. More specifically, ERATEMA can offer punctual support for:

· Development of research methodology.
· Data collection and search.
· Data analysis.
· Interpretation of results and integration in the decision-making process.

Additionally, ERATEMA can support their clients to strengthen their capacity to develop market intelligence projects by aiding them to develop and implement work methods or by providing in-house training tailored to fit the needs of the team members.

ERATEMA provides consulting services in order to analyse the data collection and Market Intelligence generation processes carried out by their clients, thus helping them to increase their efficiency.

ERATEMA builds a multidisciplinary team together with their clients in order to integrate the Business Intelligence and market data systems that the client already has into the models.

In order to achieve this goal, ERATEMA collaborates with their clients from the early stage of design of the study and up to following them up in the process of using the data in the decision-making process. ERATEMA generates Market Intelligence by resorting to two complementary tools:

1. Market modelling: ERATEMA develops statistical and econometrical models in order to explain and forecast consumer and market behaviours, thus allowing to simulate the results of different strategies and tactics. We also assist our clients in the effective use of these models in the decision-making process.

2. Market research with methodological design, data collection and data analysis carried out by our own specialized, highly qualified personnel. Two of the differential values in the carrying out of this process are the application of innovative techniques which extract the maximum value of information, on the one hand, and strict quality control throughout the entire process, on the other hand.

What makes consumers behave the way they do and what levers can the company use in order to influence them?
· Segmentation and micro-segmentation models: generation of price / quality ratios in each segment.
· Determination of lifestyles and characterization of their relevant consumer behaviours.
· Measurements of the impact of the marketing mix attributes on behaviour.
· Mechanisms which impact consumer perception and measurements of the impact on their real behaviour.
· Sale forecasting.

EXPERIENCE: Consum, Matutano, MTN Nigeria, Pans & Company and Ros Casares

Are there niches in a new market?
Which is the best way to enter a new market?

EXPERIENCE: Bayer, General Óptica and Tau Cerámica

How does demand respond to the variations in the company’s price architecture?
· Forecast of the impact of price variations on demand.
· Analysis of the perception bias of the client towards complex pricing models.

EXPERIENCE: Burger King and Consum

How much, and in what time frame, is a new product or new point of sale going to yield?
· Models for sales volume forecasting.
· Measurement of the impact of the elements of product, service, or point of sale design on the desired sales target.

EXPERIENCE: Burger King, Consum and Tau Cerámica