Support for strategic planning and business development.

We help our clients make effective decisions by providing them with the most relevant quantitative information at each stage of the decision process.

Nuestra relación con cada cliente se adapta a sus necesidades:

Developing from Eratema the services of collection, analysis and interpretation of the information, followed by an accompaniment to our client for its use.

Making our analysis and decision-making capabilities available to the client, acting via outsourcing, as our own department that can be counted on when needed.
Los clientes o usuarios de la organización (Consumer Insights / Users Insights).
Las organizaciones con las que compite o interactúa (Competitive Intelligence).
La propia organización (Business Intelligence).
Sector privado: empresas y organizaciones empresariales.
Sector publico: organismos e instituciones multilaterales, nacionales o locales.
Investigación científica y apoyo a la innovación: centros de investigación, institutos tecnológicos, laboratorios farmacéuticos, grupos de investigación y personal académico investigador.