Who are my competitors?
Which products are working for them?How are they doing to succeed?
Which is the market penetration of my competitors?


Get reliable and useful information about your competitors businesses:
 Business profile (size, length of the service)
• Type of product/ service that they offer
• Penetration and success level in the area
• Notoriety and appreciation of  the competitors by your customers


Deep understanding of your competitors to know where they are going and to be able to maximize your performance strategies, making them effective and enhancing your competitive advantage over your competitors.


• Mystery shopping in the competitor’s facility. This exercise involves carrying out pseudo buys by a “mystery customer”, who evaluates a list of predefined parameters of the facility and the person who is attending them, such as the identification of the facility, state of the facilities, image of the person attending, speed, dedicated time, knowledge of the product or defense over competitors.

• Primary data from observation in situ and secondary data: Data Mining: It will allow us to get information of the environment and influence area.

All the techniques are complementary or supplementary depending on the design of each particular project. Combination of different methodologies during the research will enrich the obtained information.

Impamount spent in market research that will allow your company to achieve the short/ medium term profit derived from knowing first hand your market of operation and, therefore, to speed up your project success.