Eratema Success Forecast service handles the forecast level of acceptance of new product lines in different national and international markets, based on information collected in a single location.


Companies that regularly launch new product lines to be marketed in different international markets: fashion textiles, shoes, ceramics, household appliances, habitat, food, etc.

Forecast level of acceptance of new products before they are marketed.
Optimizing ROI of investing in Market Intelligence.
Minimizing risk and maximizing profit.
Development of competitive advantage from product-market adjustment.

Analysis of the levels of acceptance of different lines on a heterogeneous sample of consumers.
Heuristic algorithms recalibration sample from its ability to forecast the level of acceptance in different markets of the lines launched in the past.
ABC forecast a product line based on her bestselling by probabilistic econometric models.

Annual forecast level of acceptance of new lines of coatings and flooring in different countries of the EU, Russia, United States and China for the ceramic sector leader.